Branch Opportunities

AmeriClaim is looking for existing independent adjusting firms to become Branch Owners. AmeriClaim is organized by territories known as "Branches". Each Branch maintains a unique geography to handle all claims within that territory. Through Branch Owner Agreements each Branch has access to:

  1. A national company owned by existing Branch Owners.
  2. Centralized accounting, billing and collection.
  3. Centralized claims management computer system
  4. Other Branch Owners
  5. Errors and Omissions Coverage
  6. A national sales team soliciting claims on behalf of all Branches
  7. Existing client base of company's customers
  8. Group Health Insurance
  9. Exit Strategy through Branch Owner pay-out options
  10. Favorable fee sharing arrangements in lieu of upfront fees.

For further information on the AmeriClaim Opportunity and to apply, please complete the form below. President, Louis Smith, will contact you shortly. Thank you for your interest in AmeriClaim.

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